Air Faq`s
How do I change my flights?
How do I cancel this reservation?
Why do I need a paper ticket?
Can I have my paper tickets shipped to a different address?
Can I change the name on my ticket?
Is my online purchase guaranteed?
How do I book an infant ticket?
Why did my flight schedule change?
If I have flight reservations and the airline changes my itinerary, will travelspot notify me?
Booking An Air Ticket
How do I book airline tickets?
Can I book a ticket for tomorrow?
What are my payment options?
Payment and Taxes
Frequent Flier Miles
Can I use my Frequent Flier miles to buy a ticket on Travelspot.com?
Will I earn Frequent Flier miles for purchases on the site?
How do you use my credit card information?
International Travel
Where can I find more information about traveling abroad?
Where do I confirm my reservation?
How do I confirm my seat assignments?
Types of trips
Types of travelers
Unaccompanied minors
Choosing a ticket class
What if my tickets are lost or stolen?
Secured Flight Passenger Data
What is Secure Flight?
What Passenger data is required?
What is the objective of Secure Flight Program?
How does it help?
What is a Redress Number?
If the name printed on my boarding pass is different than what appears on my government ID, will I still be able to fly?